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Ohio Oil and Gas Permits in August

Permits in Ohio continue to be focused on the counties in Eastern Ohio that border PA and WV.  Look for continued permitting and drilling in these counties.  Oil and wet gas are in these counties.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources August permits: Carroll County Carroll County drillers received another 25 new Utica shale permits last month. There are now a total of 134 permits issued for Utica shale wells in that county.  Permits were issued for multiple wells in Augusta, Brown, Lee, Fox, East and Perry townships in Carroll County. A total of 11 permits were issued in Loudon Township. All permits were issued to Chesapeake Exploration. A total of 42 wells have been drilled in Carroll County to date; 16 are producing and 16 are waiting to be fracked. Holmes County A new addition was added to the state permit list in August with Holmes County being issued its first permit. It was issued for a site in Prairie Township to Devon Energy Production Company. Guernsey County Guernsey County was also popular with six new permits issued. They were issued in Liberty, Wheeling, Londonderry, and Richland townships. The permits were issued to EnerVest Operating LLC and Gulfport Energy Corporation. A total of 13 permits have been issued in Guernsey County and there are five wells drilled there. There are two wells producing in the county, which belong to Anadarko E&P Company LP. Harrison County A total of five permits were issued in Harrison County in August. They were issued in Stock, Freeport and Washington townships to Gulfport Energy Corporation, Chesapeake Exploration, and Chevron. There are 10 wells being drilled and two wells are producing in Harrison County. Jefferson County In Jefferson County, two permits were issued in Springfield and Warren townships to Chesapeake Exploration. That brings the total sites permitted in Jefferson County to 28, with 18 being wells in the drilling process. Five wells are waiting to be hydraulically fracked and there is one well online and producing. Columbia County In Columbiana County, two permits were issued, which brings the total of Utica shale permits in the county to 49. There are 23 wells currently being drilled and nine waiting to be fracked. Both new permits were issued to Chesapeake Exploration. Belmont County Belmont County also had two new permits issued, one in Union and the other in Somerset Township. They were issued to XTO Energy Inc. (Exxon) and Gulfport Energy Corporation. Belmont County now has a total of nine Utica shale permits issued in the county. Mahoning County In Mahoning County, a permit was issued to CNX Gas Company LLC. Tuscarawas County One permit was issued in Tuscarawas County to Sierra Resources LLC. Monroe County In Monroe County, one permit was issued to HG Energy LLC.
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