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Amazon Corporate Welfare Yet Again Shows Upstate New York Is Invisible

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Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


The Amazon corporate welfare deal, engineered by Andrew Cuomo, yet again, shows Upstate New York is invisible to the governor who answers only to NYC voters.

Once again, Upstate New York will feel the pain, the tragedy, of four more years being under the thumb of Andrew Cuomo, perhaps America’s worst governor if you live outside New York City.

State politics are non-existent north of the five boroughs that compose the City of New York.  We just don’t matter in Upstate New York, and the dwindling population is reflective of that knowledge.

800px Citicorp Building by David Shankbone 294x512

Amazon’s new location in Queens. Monument to corporate welfare?

As our taxes climb and continue to be the highest and most wasted in the country, we Upstaters are expected to sacrifice ever more to pay for off-shore wind projects designed to signal the Cuomo’s political correctness. They will, of course, achieve nothing but higher electric bills. Cuomo is spending $12.6 billion dollars of other people’s money—our money—on a clean energy lie and nuclear bailouts.

This week, we learn of another $1.75 billion bribe being given by Cuomo to Amazon, one of the richest entities in the country so he can brag about 40,000 jobs going to New York City, the Empire State castle as our Upstate continues to be reduced to serfdom. Cuomo can do Amazon corporate welfare but he can’t bring himself to just stand up for Upstate and allow natural gas development that will demand zero dollars in future subsidies from our taxpayers.

But, it isn’t just the downstate politicians who have failed those of us fated to reside in the playground of the NRDC, the elite! Our local politicians, especially those who went unchallenged in this election cycle, failed to engage against Cuomo and his agenda by getting out there and telling the people his real agenda. Where is the courage of opposition? Public gatherings and debate? Has nothing been learned from the history of our forefathers?

We may write and share on social media till we are raw in the finger tips, but failure is only ours to accept and, like our written concerns, can be skipped over with the click of a mouse. We simply don’t matter enough, not even to those we depend upon to make our case, not even to ourselves if we aren’t willing to stand up and make our case.

Until we matter, until we are recognized as a very real part of the state, we are no more then enslaved citizens; peasants to be used as whipping boys by a corrupt, insolent governor. We are nothing until we chose to be something, until we are recognized and counted. Rural New York might as well not exist. Nationally, rural states get some attention because of our brilliant electoral system and design of Congress with the Senate serving as a buffer against the tyranny of a popular majority from cities where nothing is known of how to grow food or make energy.

New York State, however, shows us just how bad this tyranny can get. Here in New York, Cuomo only won only six counties outside of the New York City metropolitan area. Only two could be described as even remotely rural. One was Tompkins County, home to Planet Ithaca and the other was trendy Ulster County. Molinari won 47 of 62 counties and lost miserably. Upstate is at the mercy of know-nothing city voters with the popular majority, condemned to a destiny of poverty and serfdom by its geography unless those of us who live here unite politically to speak for ourselves and demand some autonomy from the beast that is New York City and the man who rides it — Andrew Cuomo.

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