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  • ACF Environmental

    At ACF Environmental, they understand that every minute on a project means money. So their team of geo-synthetic experts focus to solve your project challenges, from the first phone call to the last detail.

  • American Energy Fabrications

    American Energy Fabrications is a source for metal, aluminum, and non-metal fabrication and materials. With nearly 60 years of experience, AEF can manage building most anything that can fit out their door.

  • Anderson Excavating

    Anderson Excavating, LLC provides a wide range of construction services. Centrally located in Morgantown, WV, our services extend throughout the tri – state area.

  • AUMA Actuators, Inc.

    AUMA has been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years and is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

  • Barbco, Inc.

    A leader in the underground construction industry, Barbco, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of auger boring machines, directional drills, guided boring machines and advanced tunneling equipment.

  • Beaver Excavating, Inc.

    Leading the industry since 1953, The Beaver Excavating Company has the experience and resources to meet the most demanding site development and civil construction project requirements of the Marcellus and Utica Shale Gas and Oil industry.

  • Boyd CAT

    Boyd CAT has been enabling its customers to build a better world for more than a decade as one of the nation’s premier, independently owned and operated CAT dealerships serving Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia, and Southeastern Ohio.

  • Bryce Custer, Ohio River Corridor

    Ohio River Corridor, LLC specializes in site selection along the Ohio River from Monaca, Pennsylvania, home of the Shell Polymer facility, downriver to Southpointe, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia.

  • Bulwark Protective Apparel

    Bulwark is the world’s leading provider of flame-resistant apparel with over 44 years of technical innovation and industry leadership. Bulwark garments offer superior flame-resistant protection, comfort, and durability to thousands of workers in electrical utilities and the chemical, oil, gas, and mining and petrochemical industries.

  • Cintas Corporation

    Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cintas provides highly specialized services to businesses of all types throughout North America. NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Flame Resistant Face Masks and Coverings (SELL SHEET) The company has recently launched a line of flame-resistant face coverings, gaiters and balaclavas in a variety of styles, sizes and colors.

  • Dawood Engineering, Inc.

    The Natural Gas industry has become an increasingly large part of the Dawood portfolio of projects. To date, we have built one of the largest survey teams in the Marcellus & Utica regions, designed hundreds of well pad sites for multiple E&P companies, provided survey and geotechnical support for large gathering and transmission line systems, and completed extensive infrastructure design projects.

  • DIEHLUX Environmental Consulting

    DIEHLUX is an ecological and natural resource consulting firm specializing in environmental inspection, permitting, and compliance management services for energy, telecommunications, transportation, mining, municipal, and private land development markets across the United States.

  • ECI Emerson Impact Partner

    ECI, an Emerson Impact Partner, is the leading provider of industrial automation, valves and process control technology for the oil and gas industry in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.

  • EJ Breneman, L.L.C.

    E. J. Breneman utilizes new and innovative paving technologies in the business of maintenance and construction of well-pads and highways. Using their Soil Stabilization and Full Depth Reclamation processes, the company is a leader in the road construction industry.

  • Frontier Group of Companies

    Prime industrial locations on the Ohio River. Check them out. Founded in 2001, the Frontier Group of Companies brings together strategically aligned businesses with expertise and capabilities in the area of large-scale industrial and commercial facility reuse, repurposing and redevelopment.

  • Furbay Oil & Gas Company

    Independently and locally-owned Furbay Oil & Gas is a full-line electric distributor supporting the oil and gas industry. At Furbay, they will give you their assurance of quality electric products and services for your commercial, industrial and oil and gas projects.

  • GR Construction Management Services, LLC

    GR Construction Management Services has carefully and deliberately built a solid record of making safety a top priority. When you hire us, we guarantee that our goal is to hire only safety-certified professionals who share the same mission of not only meeting your timeline, but also meeting your expectation for safety regulation compliance.

  • Green Valley Seed Company

    Established in 1966, Green Valley Seed has been a longstanding leader in providing wholesale seed, environmental supplies, and exceptional service to our customers for over 50 years!

  • HYTORC Penn Ohio

    The HYTORC Penn Ohio mission is to optimize safety, quality and schedule in industrial bolting through innovative solutions, and an unyielding commitment to world class customer service.

  • Inland Tarp and Liner

    Over the last three decades Inland Tarp & Liner (ITL®) has evolved from a west coast hay tarp manufacturer and service company to emerge as one of the largest U.S.

  • Mustang Sampling

    Mustang Sampling, LLC is the innovator of Analytically Accurate® solutions within sample conditioning systems. We provide custom solutions of products and services globally to the Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industries.

  • Oglebay Resort

    Oglebay Resort Meets the Natural Gas Industry Needs from Rooms to Meeting Spaces.   The best venue for rooms and meetings in the Appalachian Basin.

  • Ohio River Corridor

    Ohio River Corridor, LLC is a petrochemical, plastics and energy site selection and commercial real estate services company that specializes in site selection along the Ohio River from Monaca, Pennsylvania, home of the Shell ethylene cracker facility, downriver to Southpointe, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia.

  • Ort Tool

    Ort Tool is a recognized leader in tool and die, fabrication, and machining services since 1958. We have the experience and the capabilities required to meet your manufacturing needs.

  • Skycasters Converged Wireless

    Oil And Gas Communications Solutions Wherever energy exploration takes you, Skycasters helps get business done while you’re there. Connect geologists and subject-matter experts from HQ or regional offices to rig sites with VSAT solutions from Skycasters.

  • Southern States Marshall County Co-Op

    Southern States Has All Your Needs for Propane, Straw and Seeds Marshall County Co-op offers a complete line of products for the midstream business including seed, fertilizer, lime, straw, fencing supplies, propane, and much more.  

  • Tesla NanoCoatings

    Tesla NanoCoatings Inc. is the leading protective coating (paint) formulating company employing nanotechnology to prevent corrosion.  Tesla manufactures a 2-coat system that replaces a traditional 3-coat system used extensively for corrosion protection of steel.

  • Wampum Harware

    Wampum Hardware is one of the leading businesses providing explosives and complete blasting services to the oil and gas industry, coal mines, site development, seismic exploration, pipelines and quarries of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

  • Water Transport

    Water Transport was founded in 1977 by life-long Ohio Valley resident Michael Kuester, a 1974 graduate of Steubenville High School. Seeing a need for Bulk Water hauling in rural areas, Mike purchased the first bulk milk truck, which was converted to haul water.

  • Zimmerman Steel and Supply, LLC

    Zimmerman Steel is a manufacturing company located in Dalton, Ohio. Since 1995, we have provided our customers with innovative solutions over a broad spectrum of industries including the Oil & Gas market.