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Since last week was the 4th of July and with the storm devastation in Ohio and PA, we decided not to send out our newsletter. Many of you probably would not have had the time to read it. There’s considerable amount of new information and we did not want you to miss it. The latest facts from the Marcellus and Utica Shale are: Here’s the latest information about Marcellus Shale permits in PA from JAN 2012 – JUNE 2012. PA DEP’s has issued its first two Marcellus permits for combined oil and gas wells. One permit is in Lawrence County and the second is in Warren County. While there have been rumors about drilling for oil in NW PA, this information confirms the rumors are now facts. The number of PA Marcellus permits in the JAN – JUNE 2012 period is 1472 permits which is 150 fewer than last year. The top 10 PA counties receiving Marcellus permits in the JAN – JUNE 2012 period are: 1. Lycoming 222 2. Bradford 190 3. Tioga 179 4. Washington 174 5. Susquehanna 164 6. Greene 103 7. Clearfield 75 8. Westmoreland 53 9. Butler 42 10. Sullivan 31Most of the permits are in the Northern and Northern Tier, (Lycoming, Bradford, Tioga, and Susquehanna counties) which means once the pipeline construction running throughout this section of PA is completed the drilling activity will pick-up since there will be markets for this dry natural gas. Utica Shale Drilling Permit Activity Rate Remains High The top 10 OH counties receiving permits in the JAN – JUNE 2012 are: 1. Carroll 63 2. Columbiana 35 3. Harrison 18 4. Jefferson 13 5. Monroe 11 6. Stark 8 7. Belmont 7 8. Noble 6 9. Mahoning 5 10. Guernsey 5   Noteworthy Permits and wells Shell has permits in Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana Devon Energy has Western county permits in Wayne (1), Medina (1), Knox (2), Ashland (1), and Guernsey (2) Chesapeake’s permits are Mahoning (3) and Carroll (4) Consol has drilled its first well in Tuscarawas County and is committed to drilling 15 wells in 2012. Hess will drill 6 wells in 2012   WV is moving closer to ethane cracker plant. Aither entered into an agreement with Bayer Corp. to determine market interest for chemicals and plastics. EQT launches pilot program to begin converting drilling rigs to liquid natural gas (LNG), displacing the diesel used to power equipment at the well site. Rig counts from Baker Hughes for the July 6 reporting week. WV is experiencing steady increase in rigs. WV makes it easier to drill than PA and OH and is becoming the “hot spot” for drilling. PA Marcellus 74 rigs – up three from the previous week PA Utica 4 rigs – unchanged Ohio Utica 18 rigs – down one from the previous week WV Marcellus 27 rigs – up one With all this activity, call us to give your business a presence on rig sites. is where the oil and gas industry finds local businesses on the rigs, on the road or on the way home. Joe Barone 610.764.1232Vera Anderson 570.337.7149

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