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The latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

Updated Utica Shale Maps. The latest most comprehensive map data on Utica Shale wells in Ohio

  • Chesapeake’s latest rig data. Chesapeake has 3 rigs in SW Marcellus and in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the gas is dry, Chesapeake’s production was up by about 9 percent since the prior quarter, despite decreasing its rig count there from 10 to five — that’s one less rig than it expected to have running in that area three months ago.
  • Shell getting even more aggressive on wet gas. According to Gas Business Briefing, Shell is tripling its wet gas rigs in North America. It’s safe to assume that a number of those rigs will be going to Western PA and Eastern OH.
  • Anadarko Marcellus and Utica Update. Anadarko has 385 Marcellus Shale wells and 5 in the Utica Shale. It also announcing encouraging results in the targeting the shallower Geneseo shale with plans for drilling the Geneseo in 2013.
    • Marcellus:
      • The company spuds 15 wells during the third quarter using four operated rigs, while spudding 28 wells with an average of 10 non-operated rigs.
      • During the quarter, the company completed its second horizontal well targeting the Geneseo Shale, which lies about 1,000 feet shallower than the Marcellus Shale. Results to date from both Geneseo wells have been encouraging, with the most recent well slightly outperforming the initial well. Evaluation is ongoing with additional drilling planned for 2013 to further delineate the play.
    • Utica
      • In the company’s evaluation of the Utica Shale, five wells are currently on production and two additional exploratory wells are expected to begin testing by the end of the year.
  • Seneca Resources. Look for Seneca to get active in NW PA, by the second quarter of 2013.
  • Gulfport Energy. Gulfport has experienced incredible results with its wells in the Utica Shale. At OOGA’s Transportation and Safety Conference last Thursday and Friday, I heard Gulfport Energy is bringing 19 rigs to the Utica Shale. (Big, Big Rumor)


Baker Hughes Rig Counts

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the November 2 reporting week. OH rig count continues to move up.
    • PA and WV rig counts continue to move up
    • PA Marcellus 64 rigs – Up 1
    • PA Utica 2 rigs – Down 1
    • Ohio Utica 27 rigs – Up 2
    • WV Marcellus 25 rigs – Up 1

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