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Get ready for a busy 2013.  With record results from test wells in the Utica Shale, pipelines coming on line in the Marcellus Shale and drilling in the Upper Devonian, next year there should be considerably more activity than 2012.  According to RigData more than 1,000 Marcellus wells await pipeline hookup, and another 2.4 Bcfd of Marcellus gas could be added soon.  That’s a lot of volume.  Everywhere we go and everyone we speak to says 2013 is going to be busier than last year.

The latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

  • Trans Energy meeting with success in WV.  John G. Corp, President of Trans Energy, said, "Results from the Dewhurst #110H and #111H further validate our strategic position in the wet gas section of the Marcellus Shale located in Wetzel County, WV.  Improved execution, combined with enhanced drilling techniques, drove 30-day production results to record levels.  Trans Energy plans to exploit its position in Wetzel County, as well as our more than 60,000 gross acres across the Marcellus Shale. 
  • Permitting information for Ohio (Thank you, Farm & Dairy)
    • In October, there were 18 permits issued in Carroll County. All but one of them was issued to Chesapeake Exploration LLC. The remaining permit was issued to R.E. Gas Development, LLC.
    • Thirteen permits were issued in Harrison County, with seven of them being issued to Chesapeake Exploration, LLC. Five were issued to Gulfport Energy Corporation and one was issued to Hess Ohio Developments LLC.
    • In Columbiana County, nine permits were issued for Utica shale wells. All of the permits were issued to Chesapeake Exploration.
    • Two permits were issued in Tuscarawas County and Bucks Township, to CNX Gas Company, LLC.
    • Single permits were issued
      • In Mahoning County to Hilcorp Energy Company
      • In Portage County to Mountaineer Keystone, LLC
      • In Belmont County to Hess Ohio Developments, LLC.

        The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has changed some of the information it makes public, and the department no longer states the fracking status of the wells. In the September report, there was a backlog of wells waiting to be fracked, which delayed production from those wells
  • Permitting information for PA (Thank you, Farm & Dairy).  A higher number of permits in PA, there were 181 permits issued to drill and operate gas wells, and another 19 permits were issued allowing existing wells to be able to drill deeper.
    • Bradford County continues to lead the state’s shale drilling with a total of 39 permits issued during October.
    • A total of 22 permits were issued in Susquehanna County
    • 20 were issued in Washington County.
      Other counties with over 10 permits issued were
      • Lycoming, 19
      • Fayette, 18
      • Greene 11
    • Spud report. The SPUD report, released by the Department of Environmental Protection, states there were 126 wells actually drilled during September in Pennsylvania.

      SPUD, according to the definition in the oil and gas industry, means the process of beginning to drill a well.
  • Chesapeake rolling the dice in the Utica. Chesapeake Energy Corp. (NYSE:CHK) CEO Aubrey McClendon recently said he was "thrilled" by the Utica results so far. Chesapeake has the most wells drilled in Ohio with 134 and plans to drill up to 4,000 in the next 20 years.  Chesapeake is focusing much of its drilling activity in the Utica Shale.  It likes the wet gas and oil play.
  • Gulfport Energy Corp. Bullish on the Utica.  It plans to drill 50 wells next year, on top of its 12 existing, in a $225 million investment, the Akron Beacon Journal. I guess my rumor about Gulfport bringing 19 rigs up to the Utica Shale wasn’t even close to reality.

Baker Hughes Rig Counts

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the November 9 reporting week.  PA rig count continues to move up. 
    • PA Marcellus 66 rigs – Up 2
    • PA Utica 2 rigs – Unchanged
    • Ohio Utica 25 rigs – Down 2 
    • WV Marcellus 26 rigs – Up 1

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