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We’ve love feedback from our readers.  Last week, as a rumor we stated that Hilcorp was bringing 8 rigs into the Marcellus and Utica Shale.  One of readers who is working for Hilcorp told us that he has not heard 8 rigs.  This person did inform us, “Fact Gulfport has 2 top hole rigs and will add 1 next month and 1 in April.”  Thank you.

We encourage you to provide us with any information you think our readers will find beneficial.  Don’t be shy!!  We are all about sharing and working together.

The latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

  • Statoil bringing in rigs.  Last week, we reported that Statoil is buying more leases.  We have now heard about that Statoil will have 4 rigs in PA by the end of the year  (Rumor)
  • Halcon is continuing to expand drilling.  Halcon now has 2 rigs in the Utica and Shale region and will have 7 by the end of the year.  (Rumor)
  • Latest Permitting information from December (Thank You, Farm and Dairy)


  • Carroll County – 8 new permits
    • Two of the permits were issued to RE Gas Development LLC (new company that I’ve never heard of). in Washington Township. Another permit was issued in Washington Township, to Chesapeake Exploration.
    • Two permits were issued for well sites in Center Township to Chesapeake Exploration, which also received permits for a site in August and one in Fox townships.
  • Harrison County – 7 new permits
    • One permit was issued to Atlas Noble LLC. in North Township and another was issued to Gulfport Energy Corporation in Washington Township.
    • Three permits were issued in Stock Township to Chesapeake Exploration, and two were issued to the same company in Rumley Township.
  • Monroe County – activity is picking up 3 new permits
    • One permit was issued in Green Township in Monroe County to Eclipse Resources LP. Antero Resources Appalachian Corp. received a permit for a well in Seneca Township; and XTO Energy Inc. was issued a permit for a well in Switzerland Township.
  • Portage County – 4 new permits; Portage County is a sleeper county there is a fair amount of activity that goes under the radar of many individuals.
    • Four permits were issued to Mountaineer Keystone LLC (another company that I’ve never heard of) in Nelson Township.
  • Noble County – 2 new permits
    • CNX Gas Co. LLC received a permit for a site in Enoch Township, and Antero Reserve Appalachian Corporation received one in Seneca Township.
  • Belmont County – 1 new permit
    • One permit was issued to Gulfport Energy Corporation for a well in Somerset Township which is where Gulfport has drilled a couple of monster wells.
  • Mahoning County – 1 new permit
    • One permit was issued for a well site in Poland Township to the Hilcorp Energy Co.
  • Columbiana County – 1 new permit
    • One permit was issued to Chesapeake Exploration for a well site in Franklin Township in Columbiana County.
  • Guernsey County – 1 new permit
    • PDC Energy Inc. received a permit for a Richland Township site in Guernsey County.
  • Link to Utica Shale map with permitting and drilling activity


  • Bradford County – 47 new permits
  • Susquehanna County – 37 new permits
  • Washington County – 31 new permits
  • Lycoming County – 23 new permits
  • Butler County – 23 new permits
  • Beaver County – 5 new permits
  • Mercer County – 2 new permits
  • Lawrence County – 1 new permit
  • While there is considerable excitement about OH, PA is still where the drilling activity is the heaviest.  For example in December 2012, PA issued a total of 226 permits compared to 47 for OH.

Upcoming Seminars

  • Altoona. will be presenting two upcoming seminars.  We are partnering with Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research and Altoona Blair County Development Corporation to present a seminar in Altoona on January 22.  Chevron will be the featured presenter at this seminar.  Below is the link

  • Philadelphia.  Shale and Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research are partnering with Delaware Valley Marcellus Association to present a seminar which will be featuring Cabot Oil and Gas, the leading producer in Northeastern PA.


  • EQT in Guernsey County. EQT visited Guernsey to update businesses on its activities.  EQT appears to be committed to the Utica Shale play and we may see an increase in activity in OH.
  • New Driller in Trumbull County.  Trumbull County, Ohio apparently has a new driller. No permits have been issued yet, but local land deeds show that Lario Oil and Gas, a Kansas-based company, has leased the mineral rights for “hundreds of acres” in Newton Township. They say they have leased thousands of acres in eastern Ohio.
  • PA Politicians Stepping Up.  As many of you know much of the gas being drilled in the Marcellus and Utica shale is going overseas.  Thank you PA politicians for your support.
    • Nine state representatives, 17 state senators, and the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry have sent nearly identical letters to President Obama, urging him to expedite the approval process for exporting liquefied natural gas. 
    • The U.S. Energy Department is considering whether to approve requests from 15 companies to begin exporting LNG to countries that don't have free-trade agreements with the United States, such as China, Japan, India, and Germany.
  • PA DEP encouraging the use of acid mine drainage for fracking operations. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is encouraging the use of acid mine drainage for fracking operations. The DEP published a “white paper” today, detailing how the agency intends to review proposals from oil and gas drillers.
    • DEP says more than 300 million gallons of polluted water from decades of coal mining operations, flows into the state’s rivers and streams every day.
    • Former DEP Secretary David Hess has told StateImpact that more than 184,000 acres of abandoned mine lands exist across the state, resulting in “4,000 miles of biologically dead rivers and streams due to mine pollution.”
    • Because fracking a well requires on average, four million gallons of water a day, some say using the state’s polluted coal mine drainage waste to frack would help clean up a continuous environmental cost of coal.

Baker Hughes Rig Counts

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the January 11 reporting week. 
    • PA Marcellus 65 rigs – down 5
    • PA Utica 3 rigs – down 1
    • Ohio Utica 30 – up 4
    • WV Marcellus – 27 up 1

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