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Attention Companies in Eastern PA, NJ and DE. Shale and Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research are partnering with Delaware Valley Marcellus Association to present a seminar which will be featuring Cabot Oil and Gas, the leading producer in Northeastern PA.  Get the latest drilling information in Northern PA and learn how to take advantage of the business opportunities in the Marcellus Shale region and drilling begins to pick up again.  

Marcellus-Utica Midstream.  We’ll be there.  Visit us @ booth 823

The latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

  • Consol and Hess Plans for 2012.  Consol Energy and its joint venture partner, Hess Corp., reports it’s drilled eight wells and completed four of those wells in the Utica shale last year.

    Consol says that in Mahoning County, the company has drilled one well in Ellsworth Township and two at the Cadle property off Bailey Road in Jackson Township.

    Consol presently has two horizontal rigs operating in the Utica shale and plans to drill 11 wells this year, all of them in Noble County. Production from these wells is expected to be less than five billion cubic feet equivalent because of infrastructure requirements, the company said.

    In Portage County, Consol reports that its PORT 2A well was drilled at a lateral length of 4,690 feet and was completed in 16 stages.

    Consol also reports that it’s drilled two wells in Tuscarawas and Noble Counties.

    Consol's joint-venture partner, Hess Corp., has drilled two wells and completed one in 2012.

    Hess currently has one horizontal rig drilling on their operated portion of the joint venture in eastern Ohio in Harrison County. Hess plans to drill 16 joint horizontal wells in the Utica shale this year, Consol reports.

    Consol Plans to Invest $122M to Explore Utica Play
  • Despite tough year Chesapeake is still a great place to work. No surprise here; Chesapeake Energy has been named to FORTUNE Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For list for the sixth consecutive year.  After an incredible 2012, the company ranked #26 in the nation, improving from #32 last year.  Chesapeake has been a vital part of Ohio’s shale development, and the economic and community benefits putting the state back on track.  EID has met countless Chesapeake employees and featured many on our blog.  Visiting their Operation Blue program this summer and after meetings with their landowners, it’s easy to see why they were featured on the list.

  • Ohio Drilling Activity

    Top companies with Utica/Point Pleasant wells PRODUCING

    Chesapeake - 32
    Anadarko - 6
    Antero Resources - 3
    Enervest - 2
    Gulfport Energy - 2
    HG Energy - 1
    Mountain Keystone - 1
    Rex Energy - 1

    Top counties with Utica/Point Pleasant wells PRODUCING

    Carroll - 27
    Noble - 5
    Harrison - 4
    Guernsey - 2
    Monroe - 2
    Portage - 2
    Stark - 2
    Columbiana - 1
    Jefferson - 1
    Muskingum - 1
    Tuscarawas - 1

    Top counties with Utica/Point Pleasant wells DRILLING, and companies doing the drilling

    Harrison - 4  (Gulfport Energy-3, Hess Ohio-1)
    Noble - 3 (CNX Gas-2, Anadarko-1)
    Carroll - 2 (Chesapeake)
    Columbiana - 2 (Chesapeake)
    Belmont - 1 (XTO Energy)
    Guernsey - 1 (Devon Energy)
    Mahoning - 1 (CNX Gas)
    Monroe - 1 (Hall Drilling)
    Wayne - 1 (Devon Energy)

    [16 total wells drilling]

    Top current Utica/Point Pleasant DRILLERS
    Chesapeake - 4 wells drilling
    Gulfport Energy, CNX Gas - 3 wells drilling each
    Devon Energy - 2 wells drilling
    Hess Ohio, Anadarko, XTO Energy, Hall Drilling - 1 well drilling each

    Total Utica Shale drilled or drilling = 150.
    These are wells that may go into production in the near future. There are many things that can prevent the well from actually going into production (disappointing production test, lack of transport infrastructure, completion problems), but at least there is some expectation that production will ensue sometime in the future.

    Carroll - 55 (Chesapeake-all)
    Columbiana - 28 (Chesapeake-all)
    Jefferson - 19 (Chesapeake-17, Hess-2)
    Harrison - 14 (Chesapeake-9, Gulfport -4, Hess Ohio-1)
    Belmont - 6 (XTO Energy-3, Gulfport -2, Hess -1)
    Noble - 8 ( CNX-4, Rex Energy-3, Anadarko-1)
    Guernsey - 5 (PDC Energy-2, Envervest-1,  Gulfport -1, Devon -1)
    Stark - 4  (Chesapeake-3, Enervest-1)
    Portage - 3 (CNX-1, Chesapeake-1, Moutaineer-1)
    Mahoning - 2 (CNX)
    Tuscarawas - 2 (CNX)
    Coshocton - 1 (Anadarko)
    Knox - 1 (Devon)
    Monroe -1 (Hall Drilling)
    Wayne - 1 (Devon)


  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Numbers for week of Jan. 12 (Thank you Ohio is approaching 500 Utica shale well permits.  ODNR has approved 498.  The state approved 17 Utica shale permits last week: two in Belmont County, three in Carroll County, one in Columbiana County, three in Guernsey County, three in Harrison County, one in Jefferson County and four in Noble County.


  • CNG Coming to Northern PA.  Dandy Mini Marts is opening its first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling location in a grand opening at its Towanda, Pa. location.  The site--said to be the first public CNG fueling site in Northern Pennsylvania--has been open for the past month with a second site under construction in Sayre, Pa., due to open around the beginning of March, and third location slated for Elmira, N.Y.


  • 5,000 Workers in Belmont County by the end of 2013.  A public official in Belmont county has been informed the oil and gas companies that 5,000 gas and oil workers will be in Belmont County by the end of 2013.  (Rumor)

  • Bullish on 2013 and 2014.  We have heard from a number of companies supplying equipment to well sites that they are very busy with commitments through 2014.  (Rumor)


  • Tenaska Plans to Drill in Potter County, PA.  Tenaska is planning on its first phase of construction targeted to late 2013 and early 2014.  Tenaska is partnering with UGI on pipelines in those counties with UGI investing in acreage that Tenaska operates near Mainesburg in Tioga County, PA.


  • Baker Hughes Rig Counts


  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the January 18 reporting week.
    • PA Marcellus 68 rigs – up 3
    • PA Utica 3 rigs – up 1
    • Ohio Utica 28 – down 2
    • WV Marcellus – 27 unchanged

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