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Latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

  • EV Energy Partners selling some OH acreage.  A Texas company expects to soon sell nearly 104,000 acres in the Utica shale in eastern Ohio.

    That includes 40,300 acres in Stark County; 21,800 acres in Tuscarawas County; 12,300 acres in Trumbull County; and 10,900 acres in Carroll County, EV Energy Partners LP said Friday in a teleconference on its 2012 earnings and 2013 plans.

    It also includes Guernsey County, 4,600 acres; Harrison County, 1,700 acres; Mahoning County, 4,400 acres; Muskingum County, 6,200 acres; Noble County, 1,000 acres, and other unidentified counties, 500 acres.

    The sale or sales could be completed in the next month to the end of the year, said Executive Chairman John B. Walker, whose firm is the publicly traded arm of privately held EnerVest Ltd.

    EnerVest is a partner with Chesapeake Energy Corp. and the French energy company, Total SA, in drilling on 619,000 acres in 10 counties in eastern Ohio.

    EV Energy Partners also intends to keep an additional 73,500 acres in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, which includes 1,800 acres in Summit County; 3,600 acres in Portage County; and 2,000 acres in Wayne County,  22,000 acres in Ashtabula County; 7,600 acres in Lawrence County; 5,100 acres in Washington County; 2,500 acres in Tuscarawas County, 1,300 acres in Perry County, 1,900 acres in Geauga County and 1,200 acres in Cuyahoga County. There are about 1,000 acres in 22 other counties, the company reported.

    In Pennsylvania, the acreage being retained totals 16,900. Mercer County has 8,300 acres; Erie County, 2,800; McKean County, 2,500; Warren County, 1,600 acres; Crawford County, 1,100 acres, and other counties, 600 acres.

    EV Energy Partners could opt in the future to drill on the 73,500 acres or it could decide to sell off or swap that land, company officials said.


  • Shell working Lawrence County, PA. Shell’s plans for Lawrence County this year include drilling a few wells, but its drilling operations primarily will involve returning to sites where drilling already has been done and they will continue to drill more wells at those locations.

    Those will be at the Twentier site in Perry Township, he said, and a couple more at the Anne Clark Kephart property off Route 551 in North Beaver Township, where one well is being flared.

    Shell expects to bring its rigs back to the county in the spring to resume drilling.

    So far, Shell has drilled three wells at the Mayberry site in Washington Township, four at the Patterson site, two at the Twentier site in Perry Township and two at the Kephart site.

    Also within the past year, 19 wells have been drilled in Lawrence County, according to the DEP website. Shell and Hilcorp Energy are the only two companies that have secured permits or have done any drilling here so far.


  • Cabot Super Well in Susquehanna County PA.  Energy analyst Richard Zeits has been looking at Cabot Oil & Gas and its productive Marcellus shale wells in Pennsylvania's Susquehanna County on the Seeking Alpha website.

    In his latest post, Zeits talks about the uber-productive wells Cabot has drilled: 30 wells in the fourth quarter of last year that turned in initial 24-hour flow rates of 20 million cubic feet of natural gas, settling back to a 30-day average rate of 16.6 Mmcf/d.

    Even more astonishing? One well they drilled—with 35 frack stages—had a 24-hour initial rate of 41.4 Mmcf/d and settled back to a 30-day average of 35.9 Mmcf/d.

    That is huge. Superlatives are not enough to express how big this news is. These are the highest numbers we’ve ever seen—higher than the Gulfport wells in the Ohio Utica Shale (although this is dry gas only, so it’s not a true apples to apples comparison). This is big news not only for Cabot and Pennsylvania.


  • More information about Rex Energy’s Warrior South Project.

    The location of Rex Energy's successful 3-well operation in its "Warrior South" project is in the emerging hotbed of northern Noble County, very close to the border with Guernsey County.  Considerable attention has recently been cast upon the tri-county area of southern Guernsey, northern Noble, and western Belmont due to a series of very encouraging wells with abnormally high percentages of wet gas.


  • PDC drilling in Guernsey and Washington Counties in OH.  In mid-February 2013, the Company flow tested its second horizontal Utica Shale well in Guernsey County, Ohio. The Detweiler 42-3H well tested through tubing at a peak rate of 2,197 barrels of oil equivalent ("Boe") per day on a 20/64" choke with an average rate of 2,039 Boe per day for 24 consecutive hours. The Detweiler 42-3H well flow test was conducted following a 60-day resting period. Based upon composition analysis, the gas being produced is 1,263 BTU rich gas. Assuming full ethane recovery with a natural gas shrink of 21%, the composition mix of the production is 49% condensate, 26% NGLs and 25% residue gas. The well was drilled to a lateral length of 3,868 feet and completed with 13 frac stages. The Company is currently drilling a three-well pad in Guernsey County, which will be followed by two horizontal wells in Washington County, Ohio.


  • Range maintaining rig count. Range said it averaged 753 million cubic feet of gas and other hydrocarbons each day in 2012, up 36 percent from last year. It also raised its estimate of natural gas reserves by nearly a third to 6.5 trillion cubic feet.

    Higher production from the Marcellus shale, especially in Southwest Pennsylvania, led to those increases, the company said.

    It used six rigs during the October-December period to drill 30 horizontal wells in the region. It plans to keep six rigs active here throughout 2013. The work helped reduce the backlog of unfinished wells and brought in nearly 60 percent of the company's daily average production.

    These numbers demonstrated how efficiently the drilling process has become.  Drilling 30 wells with 6 rigs in 3 months is pretty efficient.

Baker Hughes Rig Counts

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the March 1 reporting week. 
    • PA Marcellus 72  rigs – up 3
    • PA Utica 2 rigs – down 1
    • Ohio Utica 27 rigs – down 1
    • WV Marcellus 2 rigs  – down 1
  • PA Permits for February 2013 – Top 5 Counties

    • Bradford         36
    • Washington         33
    • Susquehanna    30
    • Greene         13
    • Lycoming         8

      For all counties click here.

OH Permits – week ending Feb. 23

  • Carroll County     East Township        Chesapeake
  • Carroll County    Perry Township        Chesapeake
  • Carroll County    August Township        Chesapeake
  • Carroll County     East Township        Chesapeake
  • Harrison        Athens            Hess
  • Harrison        Athens            Hess
  • Noble             Seneca            Antero

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