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  • Seminars in OH.
    • March 21st. We’ll be presenting with the Stark County Oil and Gas Partnership the “Where does your company fit in the oil and gas industry?” seminar.  Call.  For information call 330.451.6207.
    • AultWorks Health and Safety Seminar Aphril 4t. HEALTH & SAFETY SEMINAR. What You Need to Know Thursday, April 4 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
      Pro Football Hall of Fame 2121 George Halas Dr. N.W.
    • April 9th. We’ll be partnering with Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce to present a Midstream seminar with representatives from Caiman Energy, Access Midstream and Crosstex Energy. Learn what’s happening with in Midstream in OH.


  • Bringing “FrackNation” to Philadelphia.  As many of you know, I live in Philadelphia. has partnered with a few local firms to create the Delaware Valley Marcellus Association(DVMA) which is premiering “FrackNation” in Philadelphia.  Phelim McAleer, the film’s producer, will be in Philadelphia to serve on panel along with a couple of families from Dimock, PA.  Josh Fox of Gasland fame has been invited to serve on the panel also. We are hoping to make this a huge success.   If you would like to come or be a sponsor, here’s the link to the event 

Latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

  • Utica Shale’s possible western opportunity.  Drilling opportunities in Ohio’s Utica shale might extend farther west, according to revised maps posted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
    ODNR geologists posted new maps on the agency’s website last week after reviewing information from 100 new locations.
    The revised map supports earlier speculation that eastern Ohio — including Stark, Carroll and Tuscarawas counties — should be a hot spot for oil and liquid natural-gas production. But it extends potential production farther west and south.
    In particular is a projected hot spot that straddles Marion and Wyandot counties. A map released last year indicated there might be fair to good production in parts of Marion, Delaware and Union counties. The revised map indicates good to very good production in those areas, as well as in Hancock, Hardin, Wyandot and Seneca counties.


  • Chinese to build natural gas stations in U.S.  ENN Group Co, one of China's largest private companies, is quietly rolling out plans to establish a network of natural gas fueling stations for trucks along U.S. highways.

    With plans to build 50 stations this year alone, ENN joins a small but formidable group of players — including Clean Energy Fuels and Royal Dutch Shell — in an aggressive push to develop an infrastructure for heavy-duty trucks fueled by cheap and abundant natural gas. Clean Energy is backed by T. Boone Pickens and Chesapeake Energy.

    The Chinese have invested in the Marcellus and Utica Shale play in order to learn the technology which it can take back to China to develop their shale resources.  ENN’s venture into building natural gas stations in America is another learning project for the Chinese.  Soon they will be building natural gas stations in China.


  • BP is coming to Lycoming County, PA.  We have heard from companies working in Lycoming County that BP could be moving into Central PA.  (Rumor)


  • More Lycoming County information.  One of the major E&P companies in in the county is telling people that Central PA is going to get very busy by mid-year. (Rumor)


  • Marcellus Natural Gas flowing South. In December 2015, the Transco gas pipeline network that runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Northeast is expected to reverse direction for the first time and move natural gas southward. The historic shift, to accommodate gas production in the Marcellus shale formation in Pennsylvania, will supply the South with a major source of natural gas outside the Gulf.

    This reverse of flow of natural gas is a big deal.  It will greatly expand the markets for Marcellus Shale gas.


  • Anadarko buying Chesapeake assets in North Central PA.  Western Gas Partners LP, an Anadarko Petroleum Corp.-owned master limited partnership, agreed to acquire a 33.75% interest in the Liberty and Rome gas gathering systems from Anadarko and a 33.75% interest in the Larry’s Creek, Seely, and Warrensville gas gathering systems from an affiliate of Chesapeake Energy Corp. All assets operate in the Marcellus shale in north-central Pennsylvania with combined total throughput of more than 1.2 bcfd.


  • Antero Resources Overview.  Many individual mineral owners are joining the village of Barnsville drilling agreement with Denver-based Antero Resources at a rate of $5,700 per acre and 20 percent of production royalties. Antero held a series of lease signing meetings throughout Barnesville, OH  in February and early March, during which Mayor Ron Bischof said the driller received a very positive response from most residents. The agreement the private mineral  owners signed is the same one village leaders inked with Antero last year.

    Barnsville is about 5 miles south of I-70 (US 40) and 30 miles west of Wheeling, WV.

    Belmont County records show Antero already has more than 800 separate lease agreements there with intention to drill. The driller also has active operations in Noble and Monroe counties.  This year, Antero plans to operate an average of 12 drilling rigs in the Marcellus and 2 rigs in the Utica. These 14 rigs will be supplemented by four shallow rigs that will drill the vertical section of some horizontal wells down to the point at which the wells will turn horizontally, about 6,000 feet under the ground.

    Marcellus Shale Activities of Antero in Western PA and Northwestern WV --  Antero has 301,000 net acres of leasehold located in northern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania, all in the southwestern core of the Marcellus Shale Play.

    Antero has drilled and completed 135 horizontal Marcellus Shale wells, 130 of which are online, and is in the process of drilling and completing 28 additional horizontal wells.

    Five recently completed wells in the rich gas area are shut-in, waiting on pipeline (expected March and June 2013).

    Antero is constructing its own gathering facilities in the remainder of Doddridge County and in Ritchie County, WV to  connect its wells to compression facilities and processing.
  • Magnum Hunter Resources Overview.  It has 467,000 net acres in the Appalachia Basin
    • 85,500 net acres located in the Marcellus Shale
    • 81,800 net acres prospective for the Utica Shale

      Marcellus Shale Overview
    • To-date, 16 wells have been drilled and placed on production
      10 wells in Tyler County, WV, 5 wells in Wetzel County, WV and 1 well in Monroe County, OH

      Current Completing Operations:
    • 13 (7.5 net) wells drilled, awaiting completion

      Current Drilling Operations:
    • 8 (4 net) wells drilling

Baker Hughes Rig Counts

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the March 15 reporting week. 

    • PA Marcellus 72  rigs – up 2
    • PA Utica 2 rigs – unchanged
    • Ohio Utica 27 rigs – unchanged
    • WV Marcellus 21 rigs  – down 1

PA Permits for March 9-16

         County            Township                E&P Company
1.    Bradford                Albany                Chesapeake
2.    Bradford                Herrick                Southwestern
3.    Bradford                Herrick                Southwestern
4.    Bradford                Herrick                Southwestern
5.    Bradford                Herrick                Southwestern
6.    Bradford                Leroy                  Chesapeake
7.    Bradford                Monroe               Chesapeake
8.    Bradford                Orwell                 Southwestern
9.    Bradford                Orwell                 Southwestern
10.  Bradford                Orwell                 Southwestern
11.  Bradford                Smithfield            Chesapeake
12.  Bradford                Springfield           EOG, Resources
13.  Butler                    Slippery Rock       Shell
14.  Butler                    Slippery Rock       Shell
15.  Butler                    Slippery Rock       Shell
16.  Butler                    Slippery Rock       Shell
17.  Butler                    Slippery Rock       Shell
18.  Butler                    Slippery Rock       Shell
19.  Greene                  Center                 Chesapeake
20.  Mercer                   Salem                  Halcon Resources
21.  Sullivan                  Elkland                Chesapeake
22.  Susquehanna          New Milford         Southwestern
23.  Susquehanna          Rush                    Chesapeake
24.  Susquehanna          Rush                    Chesapeake
25.  Susquehanna          Rush                    Chesapeake
26.  Susquehanna          Springfield            Cabot
27.  Susquehanna          Springfield            Cabot
28.  Susquehanna          Springfield            Cabot
29.  Tioga                      Liberty                 Shell

OH Permits – week ending March 2

         County            Township                E&P Companies
1.    Belmont                Richland                Hess
2.    Belmont                Somerset              Gulfport
3.    Belmont                Somerset              Gulfport
4.    Carroll                   Loudon                Chesapeake
5.    Carroll                   Loudon                Chesapeake
6.    Carroll                   Loudon                Chesapeake
7.    Carroll                   Loudon                Chesapeake
8.    Carroll                   Loudon                Chesapeake
9.    Carroll                   Loudon                Chesapeake
10.  Carroll                   Loudon                Chesapeake
11.  Carroll                   Perry                    Chesapeake
12.  Carroll                   Union                   Chesapeake
13.  Carroll                   East                     Chesapeake
14.  Columbiana           Franklin                Chesapeake
15.  Harrison                Rumley                 Chesapeake
16.  Monroe                 Seneca                  Antero
17.  Tuscarawas          Clay                      Consol

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