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  • Seminars in OH.
    • AultWorks Health and Safety Seminar April 4th. HEALTH & SAFETY SEMINAR. What You Need to Know Thursday, April 4 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    • Pro Football Hall of Fame 2121 George Halas Dr. N.W. Canton, OH.
      April 9th. We’ll be partnering with Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce to present a Midstream seminar with representatives from Caiman Energy, Access Midstream and Crosstex Energy. Learn what’s happening with in Midstream in OH.

  • Bringing “FrackNation” to Philadelphia.  As many of you know, I live in Philadelphia. has partnered with a few local firms to create the Delaware Valley Marcellus Association (DVMA) which is premiering “FrackNation” in Philadelphia.  Phelim McAleer, the film’s producer, will be in Philadelphia to serve on the panel along with a couple of families from Dimock, PA.  Josh Fox of Gasland fame has been invited to serve on the panel also. We are hoping to make this a huge success.  We look forward to your support for a successful event.   If you would like to come or be a sponsor, here’s the link to the event

Latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

  • BP auditing partners for Lycoming.  We have heard from another source that BP is auditing companies for work in Lycoming County.  (Rumor)
  • Chesapeake staying aggressive.  Chesapeake now has 15 rigs in OH and will drill 245 wells in OH in 20122013.  (Rumor)
    If you noticed well permits issued by ODNR this year, most of them have been to Chesapeake in Carroll County.  This could happen.
  • PDC Energy focusing in the Utica Shale.  PDC Energy announced recently they are nearly doubling their drilling investment in the Utica Shale—this year—from $53 million to $96 million. They plan to keep one drilling rig busy at all times in the Utica this year and drill a total of 11 Utica Shale wells. Their plans also include a deal with MarkWest Energy to provide midstream services for the wells they drill. PDC also plans to use a small amount—$9 million—for drilling in the Marcellus Shale.  PDC’s efforts are focused in Guernsey County
  • Rumor update.  Shawn Bennet from Energy in Depth has informed me that
    It is Hess drilling a well near Fairview off I 70 which you can see from I 70.  It is in the far eastern portion of Guernsey County.  Also Rex will be developing wells in the Quaker City area also in Guernsey County.
    Shawn, thank you for setting the record straight.
  • Anadarko may be abandoning Ohio.  A story in the Columbus Dispatch floats the rumor that Anadarko Petroleum, one of the country’s largest drillers, has not only suspended plans to drill in a 9,000-acre wild game preserve in Muskingum County, OH (known as “the Wilds”), but they also may be abandoning plans to drill anywhere in the Ohio Utica and the 141,000 acres they control. (Rumor)
  • PA DEP to step down.  Gov. Tom Corbett's often-combative environmental protection secretary will leave the post next month after two years of guiding the agency that regulated Pennsylvania's natural gas boom amid clashes with environmental advocates, federal regulators and Democratic lawmakers.

    Michael Krancer, who was a state environmental law judge and lawyer for energy giant Exelon Corp. before joining the Republican governor's administration, helped oversee Corbett's Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission and handled emerging issues of river and air pollution as Pennsylvania worked to modernize its laws to address new drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques.
  • Marcellus Shale #1.  The Marcellus Shale today is the largest U.S. natural gas production region, with output of more than 7 Bcf/d, which has led to a "significant, positive" impact on early movers, but some operators continue to underperform share-wise in the play, according to IHS Inc.

    According to the new report, Marcellus output growth has had a particularly solid impact on former Barnett Shale operator Range Resources Inc., which drilled its first horizontal in the play in 2006, as well as Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.
  • A couple major E&P companies and environmental groups get together. Some of the nation's biggest oil and gas companies have made peace with environmentalists, agreeing to a voluntary set of tough new standards for fracking in the Northeast that could lead to a major expansion of drilling.

    The program announced Wednesday will work a lot like Underwriters Laboratories, which puts its familiar UL seal of approval on electrical appliances that meet its standards.

    In this case, drilling and pipeline companies will be encouraged to submit to an independent review of their operations. If they are found to be abiding by a list of stringent measures to protect the air and water from pollution, they will receive the blessing of the new Pittsburgh-based Center for Sustainable Shale Development, created by environmentalists and the energy industry.

    Many of the new standards appear to be stricter than state and federal regulations.

    If the project wins wide acceptance, it could ease or avert some of the ferocious battles over fracking that have been waged in statehouses and city halls. And it could hasten the expansion of fracking by making drilling more acceptable to states and communities that feared the environmental consequences.

    Shell Oil Vice President Paul Goodfellow said this is the first time the company and environmental groups have reached agreement to create an entire system for reducing the effects of shale drilling.

    "This is a bit of a unique coming-together of a variety of different interests," said Bruce Niemeyer, president of Chevron Appalachia.

    In agreeing to the self-policing system, members of the industry said they realized they needed to do more to reassure the public about the safety of fracking. On the other side, environmentalists said they came to the conclusion that the hundreds of billions of dollars in oil and gas underground are going to be extracted one way or another and that working with the industry is the quickest path to making the process safer.

    "We do recognize that this resource is going to be developed," said Robert Vagt, president of the Heinz Endowments, a charitable foundation that has bankrolled anti-fracking efforts. "We think that it can be done in a way that does not do violence to the environment."

    In addition to Shell and Chevron, the participants include the Environmental Defense Fund, the Clean Air Task Force, EQT Corp., Consol Energy and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, and the organizers hope to recruit others.  The standards address recycling and discharges of wastewater, as well as disclosure of chemicals used in the hydraulic-fracturing process. The standards require producers to adopt closed-loop systems to contain drilling fluids and to eliminate the use of open pits.

    This group could have wide ranging effects on the hydraulic-fracturing process especially from a small company perspective.

Baker Hughes Rig Counts

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the March 15 reporting week. 
    • PA Marcellus 67  rigs – down 5
    • PA Utica 1 rigs – down 1
    • Ohio Utica 28 rigs – up 1
    • WV Marcellus 22 rigs  – up1

PA Permits for March 17-23

     County              Township                 E&P Company
1. Bradford              Albany                     Chesapeake
2. Clearfield             Girard                      Energy Corp. Am.
3. Clearfield             Girard                      Energy Corp.
4. Clearfield             Girard                      Energy Corp.
5. Clearfield             Girard                      Energy Corp.
6. Clearfield             Girard                      Energy Corp.
7. Clearfield             Girard                      Energy Corp.
8. Clearfield             Girard                      Energy Corp.
9. Crawford             East Fallowfield       Shell
10. Crawford           East Fallowfield       Shell
11. Fayette              Redstone                Chevron
12. Fayette              Redstone                Chevron
13. Indiana              Center                    XTO (Exxon)
14. Potter                West Branch           Ultra Resources
15. Washington       Blaine                     Range
16. Westmoreland   Derry                      WPX Energy
17. Westmoreland   Derry                      WPX Energy

OH Permits – week ending March 16

    County         Township    E&P Companies
1. Carroll           Loudon       Chesapeake
2. Carroll           Perry           Chesapeake
3. Carroll           East            Chesapeake
4. Columbiana   Center        Chesapeake
5. Harrison        North          Atlas  (Chevron)
6. Harrison        Athens        Gulfport
7. Harrison        Athens        Gulfport
8. Washington  Adams         PDC Energy

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