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Latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

  • Magnum Hunter Multi-Well Pad to Target Utica, Marcellus.  A multi-pad drilling project to test Marcellus and Utica formations in southern Ohio may answer some of the lingering questions about the real resource potential of the Utica/Point Pleasant Shale, an analyst said Tuesday.

    Magnum Hunter Resources Corp., with partner Eclipse Resources LLC, earlier this year launched a 1,950 net-acre project in Monroe County, OH. The partners sketched out plans to drill 12 horizontals each in the Marcellus and Utica over the next three years.
  • Natural Gas and renewables coming together.  "Ultimately in the long term, gas and renewables are really well paired," said Christina Simeone, the director of PennFuture Energy Center, which is run by an environmental group. That's because while renewables don't emit air pollution, they need backup for when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine. Natural gas is a perfect backup for renewables, Simeone said.
  • Chevron construction in Moon Township PA.  Chevron is about to begin construction of a 500,000 square building that has a budget of more than $200 million.
  • Chesapeake opens Belmont County OH office.  Chesapeake Energy opened offices at Fox Commerce Park in Belmont County. Officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday as they continue looking for new workers to extend the workforce.
  • Magnum Hunter Resources pleased with drilling.  Magnum has drilled wells in Monroe and Washington counties in OH and Wetzel County in WV.  All the wells are meeting Magnum Hunter’s expectations.  Look for more drilling in these counties this year.
  • Carroll County OH natural gas plant.  Carroll County Energy announced Tuesday it plans to build an $800 million 700 megawatt plant capable of powering 700,000 homes on the property, part of a 233-acre farm roughly a half-mile east of state Route 9 and 2.5 miles north of Carrollton. The site is adjacent to Carroll County Community Improvement Corp.
  • Williams spending $4.5 billion in Marshall County WV.  The propane, butane, pentane and ethane in West Virginia and neighboring states is so plentiful and profitable that Williams Partners is spending $4.5 billion to process the natural gas liquids.

    In Marshall County, the Tulsa, Okla.-based company has three sites of operation: the Fort Beeler processing plant; the Oak Grove processing plant, which is under construction; and the Moundsville fractionation plant. Once all projects are up and running, they will work as a cohesive unit to separate the liquid portions of the natural gas stream from the dry portions. Williams officials believe they will be able to process at least 2.5 billion cubic feet on natural gas per day.
  • Eclipse Resources exploring SE OH.  A top executive for a Pennsylvania company that has just bought heavily into the shale-drilling industry in Ohio said Monday that the company intends initially to concentrate on drilling in five eastern Ohio counties that are already showing good production of oil and gas from the Utica-Pt. Pleasant shale play.

    However, he said, Eclipse Resources also plans to gradually explore the possibility of expanding its drilling into surrounding counties where it now holds acreage, including Athens, that are farther out from the core area of the shale play. He acknowledged that it's probably still too early to predict whether Ohio's growing shale-drilling boom will have a significant impact locally.
  • Hilcorp activity in Mahoning and Columbiana Counties OH.  Hilcorp Energy Co. is planning to drill two more horizontal oil and gas wells at its Carbon Limestone Landfill site in Poland Township, records show.

    The Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued two new permits July 2 for Hilcorp to drill at the site, located on land owned by Republic Services, which operates the landfill. Hilcorp has drilled one well at the site and has permits for six additional wells including the two issued July 2 by ODNR. The company is targeting the Utica/Point Pleasant shale formations in eastern Ohio.

    Hilcorp and NiSource Transmission have partnered to form Pennant Midstream LLC, which is building a $300 million pipeline and processing system -- the Hickory Bend project -- that extends from western Pennsylvania, through southern Mahoning County, and into Columbiana County.
  • WV permitting activity.  We have finally been able to get some permit activity in WV.  We found the following activity:
    • Ohio County
      • 1 permit – Chesapeake
    • Marshal County
      • 3 permits – Noble Energy
    • Wetzel County
      • 6 permits – Chesapeake
      • 3 permits – Stone Energy

Rig Count

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the July 5 reporting week. 
    • PA Marcellus 51 rigs – down 1
    • PA Utica 2 rig – unchanged
    • Ohio Utica 33 rigs – up 1
    • WV Marcellus 25 rigs  – unchanged

PA Permits for July 1 to July 11

    County              Township       E&P Company
1. Bradford            Franklin          Chesapeake
2. Butler                Butler              XTO
3. Butler                Butler              XTO
4. Butler                Butler              XTO
5. Butler                Butler              XTO
6. Cameron           Shippen           EQT
7. Cameron           Shippen           EQT
8. Cameron           Shippen           EQT
9. Greene              Morgan            EQT
10. Greene            Morgan            EQT
11. Greene            Morgan            EQT
12. Lycoming         Anthony           Range
13. Lycoming         Cogan House   Anadarko
14. McKean            Wetmore         Shell
15. McKean            Wetmore         Shell
16. McKean            Wetmore         Shell
17. McKean            Wetmore         Shell
18. McKean            Wetmore         Shell
19. McKean            Wetmore         Shell
20. McKean            Wetmore         Shell
21. Susquehanna   Dimock            Cabot
22. Susquehanna   Jessup            Cabot
23. Susquehanna   Jessup            Cabot
24. Susquehanna   Jessup            Cabot
25. Susquehanna   Lennox            Southwestern
26. Susquehanna   Lennox            Southwestern
27. Susquehanna   Lennox            Southwestern
28. Susquehanna   Lennox            Southwestern
29. Susquehanna   Lennox            Southwestern
30. Susquehanna   Liberty            WPX Energy
31. Susquehanna   New Milford    Southwestern
32. Susquehanna   New Milford    Southwestern
33. Susquehanna   New Milford    Southwestern
34. Susquehanna   New Milford    Southwestern
35. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
36. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
37. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
38. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
39. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
40. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
41. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
42. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
43. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
44. Susquehanna   Springville      Cabot
45. Tioga                Gaines            Ultra Resources
46. Washington      Cross Creek   Range
47. Washington      Cross Creek   Range
48. Washington      Hanover         Range
49. Washington      Hanover         Range

PA Marcellus Act 13 Impact Fees 2012

Top Producers 2012 Impact Fees Payments

Chesapeake Appalachia LLC   $27,386,000.00
Range Resources Appalachia LLC   $23,936,000.00
Talisman Energy USA LLC   $20,247,000.00
SWEPI LP $17,332,000.00
Anadarko E&P Co LP $13,470,000.00
Chevron Appalachia LLC $11,444,000.00
Cabot Oil & Gas Corp  $9,697,000.00

Top PA Counties Receiving 2012 Impact Fee Distribution

Bradford  $7,296,905.65
Washington  $4,696,283.88
Tioga  $4,386,008.02
Lycoming  $4,375,741.90
Susquehanna   $4,195,497.59
Greene  $2,906,300.51
Westmoreland   $1,577,394.39

Top PA Municipalities (County) Receiving 2012 Impact Fee Distribution

Lawrence Township (Clearfield)  $797,315.69
Cumberland Township (Greene)  $787,151.13
Williamsport City (Lycoming)  $593,491.73
Chartiers  Township (Washington)  $578,165.45
Anwell Township (Washington)  $576,941.92
Sullivan  Township (Tioga)  $565,440.00
Charleston Township (Tioga)  535,681.50

OH Permits – week ending July 6

    County          Township   E&P Companies
1. Belmont         Kirkwood    Gulfport
2. Belmont         Kirkwood    Gulfport
3. Belmont         Kirkwood    Gulfport
4. Belmont         Union          Gulfport
5. Belmont         Union          Gulfport
6. Belmont         Union          Gulfport
7. Carroll            East            Chesapeake
8. Columbiana    Franklin      Chesapeake
9. Columbiana    Franklin      Chesapeake
10. Harrison       Freeport     Gulfport
11. Harrison       Freeport     Gulfport
12. Harrison       Freeport     Gulfport
13. Harrison       Freeport     Gulfport
14. Mahoning     Poland        Hilcorp
15. Mahoning     Poland        Hilcorp
16. Monroe         Lee             Eclipse
17. Monroe         Lee             Eclipse
18. Monroe         Lee             Eclipse
19. Monroe         Lee             Eclipse
20. Monroe         Lee             Eclipse

June Ohio Permitting Activity


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