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  • Permit Activity. 
    • PA – 18 permits; Lycoming County has Anadarko activity
    • OH – 13 permits; Guernsey County getting active; Anadarko is back in Muskingum County

      We reported as a rumor a few weeks ago that Anadarko was going back to Muskingum County, OH.  The rumor mill was accurate on this one.
  • Expo/Event activity.
    • Dawood Engineering Cordially Invites You to the Grand Opening of Dawood’s Bridgeport Office.
                     October 17, 2013
                  11:00 am to 1:00 pm
                     103 Cambridge Place
                 Bridgeport, WV 26330

      RSVP to: Heather Sweitzer 717-732-8576 or

    • Utica Summit 2014 – October 23 in Canton, OH. Join us at Utica Summit 2014, a summit of business leaders to envision a future where natural gas is a competitive transportation fuel, and where manufacturing, plastics and chemicals grow in an environment rich with Utica energy.

    • DUG East Conference & Exhibition, November 13-15, 2013 Pittsburgh, PA.   David L. Lawrence Convention Center

      Join Hart Energy in Pittsburgh for the 5th annual DUG East conference and exhibition. This premier Marcellus and Utica Shale event brings top executives from the most active operators in the Appalachian Basin to the stage. This year you'll hear from executives at Range Resources, EnerVest Ltd., Halcon Resources, Cabot Oil & Gas, CONSOL Energy, PDC Energy, Eclipse Energy and many more. These expert speakers will offer their unique insight on the many discoveries, technical achievements and new challenges associated with bringing the Marcellus and Utica plays to full, safe and economic production. 

      Make plans to attend today! Click here to learn more and register.
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Latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale

  • Shell cracker plant announcement getting closer.  A few weeks ago Shell had open season for its cracker plant.  The response was supposedly 2X what Shell was looking for.  (Rumor)

  •  Hess looks to move its gas.  Another piece of eastern Ohio’s natural-gas infrastructure likely will be in place by the end of 2014 as PVR Partners announced that it soon will begin construction of a 45-mile natural-gas trunk line in Jefferson, Belmont and Monroe counties.

    The project, announced Tuesday, will service Hess Corp.’s gas production in the Utica Shale play in Ohio.

    The project, representing an investment of more than $125 million, will include branch lines in Harrison County that will collect natural gas from individual wells.

    The agreement between PVR and Hess establishes an area of mutual interest covering portions of Belmont, Jefferson and Harrison counties where Hess holds a substantial acreage portion.

    PVR will construct a minimum 20-inch diameter trunk line with an expected minimum capacity of 450 million cubic feet per day and connections to the Texas Eastern and Rockies Express interstate pipelines, with possible future connections to other interstate systems.

    Additionally, PVR will construct gathering pipelines, compression stations, dehydration facilities and other related facilities to gather Hess’ production from its acreage.

    PVR anticipates contracting with additional producers for capacity and gathering services as construction of the system progresses.

    The company expects the total investment for the trunk line, initial gathering lines, compression stations and dehydration facilities to be in the range of $125 million to $150 million.

    PVR currently does not have any pipelines in Ohio, Milbourne said. “This is the first project in the Utica Shale for PVR Partners.”

  • More midstream activity in Columbiana County, OH Pennant Midstream LLC is building a 12-in. OD, 38-mile NGL pipeline connecting the Hickory Bend cryogenic gas processing plant in New Middletown, Ohio, to M3 Midstream LLC’s Utica East Ohio (UEO) Kensington gathering, processing, and fractionation complex in Columbiana County, Ohio. The pipeline will have an initial capacity of 90,000 b/d.

  • U.S.A #1. U.S. is about to dethrone Russia as the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas — a change that will further shake up the power dynamics in the global energy market.

    In recent years, U.S. energy production has surged, as fracking technologies have allowed energy producers to tap the potential of shale rock — geological formations rich in oil and natural gas. As of July, the U.S. was producing 22 million barrels of oil and natural gas each day, says The Wall Street Journal's Russell Gold and Daniel Gilbert.

    While the fracking boom has helped put the U.S. on the track toward energy independence — the U.S. is importing 32 percent less natural gas and 15 percent less crude oil in the past five years — it's been a problem for other energy-rich nations, especially Russia, the biggest energy producer in the world. "The dramatic changes in the global gas market have plunged Russia into a recession," says Free Beacon's Daniel Wiser.

  • Halliburton jobs going to Zanesville, Muskingum County, OH.  Halliburton will close a facility in Weston, WV, and shift its cementing business-line operations to its new facility in Zanesville. Halliburton had moved another part of its Weston operations to Zanesville three months ago.

    Halliburton began construction on its Zanesville oil-field services complex in April 2012, saying it plans to create 300 jobs there by 2015. Its cementing and mudding operations used in well drilling are already based there, said Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority Executive Director Mike Jacoby, and the company has said it will add other business lines in coming years.

  • Trans Energy selling leases in Tyler County, WV. Trans Energy, Inc.  announced the signing of an agreement to divest its Marcellus assets in Tyler County, West Virginia, for approximately $11.2 million in net proceeds, subject to adjustments to be determined at closing.

    The divestiture consists of 1,163 net acres, two pad sites, and one uncompleted horizontal Marcellus well. The acreage represents approximately six percent of Trans Energy's total net acreage position targeting the Marcellus Shale. The Company has not completed the horizontal Marcellus well in Tyler County and no longer plans to complete either of the two previously announced wells before the closing of the transaction. The transaction is expected to close before year end 2013, pending satisfactory title diligence by the buyer.

    After the sale, Trans Energy will continue to own approximately 17,500 net acres in Marshall, Wetzel and Marion Counties.

  • Antero IPO.  Oil and natural gas company Antero Resources Corp. expects an initial public offering of 30 million shares of its common stock to price between $38 and $42 each.   

    Antero has 329,000 net acres of leasehold located in northern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania, all in the southwestern core of the Marcellus Shale Play.
    • Operating 15 drilling rigs in West Virginia.
    • Antero currently has 555 MMcfe per day of net production in the Marcellus Shale. The net daily
    • production figure includes approximately 7,400 Bbls per day of NGLs and oil.
    • Antero has drilled and completed 199 horizontal Marcellus Shale wells, 197 of which are on line.
    • Antero sold its gathering facilities in an area of dedication in Harrison County and southeastern
    • Doddridge County, WV to Crestwood Midstream Partners in March 2012.
    • Antero is constructing its own gathering facilities in the remainder of Doddridge County and in
    • Ritchie County, WV to connect its wells to compression facilities and processing.
    • Antero is currently processing approximately 285 MMcf per day of rich gas production from the
    • Marcellus Shale through MarkWest’s 400 MMcf per day Sherwood plant complex.
    • Markwest is constructing a third 200 MMcf per day plant, Sherwood III, which is expected to go
    • in-service in the fourth quarter of 2013 and a fourth 200 MMcf per day plant, Sherwood IV,
    • which is expected to go in-service in the second quarter of 2014.
  • Aubrey McClendon has been busy this past week. The founder and former CEO of Chesapeake Energy is about to close on $1.8 billion in equity and debt financing for a new exploration and production company, according to investors in the company, which is named American Energy Utica.

    As its name implies, the company will be buying and developing land in the southern Utica Shale area that's rich in natural gas and natural gas liquids. McClendon's new company will be closing on the purchase of 80,000 acres in the Utica Shale in three separate transactions. With $1.35 billion in equity, along with $450 million in debt, having been raised, it's expected to move quickly to start the process of production with hopes of having 12 rigs operating within two to three years, according to investors in the company.

    A Tuscarawas County company is partnering with Aubrey McClendon, the one-time CEO of Chesapeake Energy Corp., to develop Utica shale natural gas wells in Harrison and Guernsey counties.

    Joining in the new joint venture is Dover-based Red Hill Development and McClendon's American Energy-Utica.

    The first well is planned in Harrison County.

    Construction on the first well sites is expected to begin this month.

    No permits have been sought yet.

    American Energy-Utica will drill 12 wells by the end of 2013 (Rumor)

    American Energy-Utica will build an office building three times large than the Chesapeake Building in Canton, OH.  (Rumor)

Rig Count

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the September 27 reporting week.
    • PA Marllus 51 – up 2
    • PA Utica 1 rig – unchanged
    • Ohio Utica 35 rigs – unchanged
    • WV Marcellus 34 rigs  – down 3

PA Permits for September 26, to October 3, 2013

    County               Township        E&P Company

1. Bradford              Pike                Chief
2. Bradford              Pike                Chief
3. Butler                  Summit           XTO
4. Lycoming             Pine                Anadarko
5. Lycoming             Pine                Anadarko
6. Lycoming             Pine                Anadarko
7. Lycoming             Pine                Anadarko
8. Lycoming             Pine                Anadarko
9. Susquehanna      Forest Lake    WPX Energy
10. Susquehanna    Silver Lake      WPX Energy
11. Susquehanna    Silver Lake      WPX Energy
12. Tioga                 Duncan            EQT
13. Tioga                 Duncan            EQT
14. Tioga                 Richmond         Shell
15. Venango           Oakland            Range
16. Washington      Buffalo              Range
17. Washington      Buffalo              Range
18. Washington      Buffalo              Range

 OH Permits – week ending September 28, 2013

    County             Township        E&P Companies

1. Carroll               Lee                  Chesapeake
2. Guernsey          Spencer           EQT
3. Guernsey          Oxford             Chesapeake
4. Guernsey          Oxford             Chesapeake
5. Guernsey          Oxford             Chesapeake
6. Guernsey          Oxford             Chesapeake
7. Harrison            Archer             Chesapeake
8. Monroe              Lee                 Triad Hunter
9. Monroe              Lee                 Triad Hunter
10. Monroe            Lee                 Triad Hunter
11. Muskingum      Meigs              Anadarko
12. Noble               Brookfield       Anadarko
13. Trumbell           Lordstown      Anadarko

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