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  • Permit Activity.
    • PA – 34 permits; XTO (Exxon) and Southwestern lead the way in Bradford and Butler Counties
    • OH –21 permits; Guernsey and Harrison are active driven by Eclipse Resources and American Energy Utica (McClendon’s Company)

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Expo Schedule for the next few months:


  • Wyoming CCC 2014 Business, Gas and Job Expo April 30
  • Ohio Valley Oil and Gas Expo April 30-May 1
  • Shal-Abration May 10
  • PIOGA 2014 Eastern Oil and Gas Trade Show and Conference May 13-14
  • DUG East Conference and Exhibition June 3-5
  • Midstream Ohio 2014 June 11
  • Northern Tier Marcellus Shale Expo June 18

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Latest facts and a rumor from the Marcellus and Utica Shale


  • is expanding into the Bakken, Eagle Ford, Permian Basin and Niobrara shale plays.  As many of you know, we have spent the last four and half years building into a valuable tool for the oil and gas companies to connect with local businesses in the Marcellus and Utica Shale region. 

    As the shale oil and gas industry matures, there is a consolidation of decision-makers across all the shale plays.  In other words, everyone in the industry is now starting to travel to the other shale plays and in many instances companies from PA and OH now have branches in TX or ND.  Since we made the decision to expand, two members told us they will be opening offices in TX in the month or so.  Our expansion will  support our members continue to grow their businesses into these other shale plays.  Look for more information about our expansion over the next couple of weeks.
  • Shell Conundrum.  The financial news I read about Shell states that the company is pulling back on its investments in the North America.  But when I look at what Shell is doing in the Marcellus region, it’s the opposite of what is being said at the corporate level.
    • Drilling.  Shell permitting activity is picking up and when speaking with the companies that work for Shell in Northern PA they all say that work is expanding.
    • Cracker Plant. The Shell cracker plant also seems to be moving forward.  When speaking with people that live in the Monaca/Beaver County area, they say that the clean-up activity is aggressively moving ahead with the plant removal and mediation to be completed by the end of the year.

      Additionally, Shell is still taking ethane commitments from E&P companies in the Marcellus and Utica Shale region. 

      Shell is a big player and its plans and implementation have broad implications for the Marcellus and Utica Shale region.  We’ll keep you informed of the latest “Facts & Rumors.”
  • Is the Geneseo the next shale play in PA?  National Fuel Gas’s first well drilled into a different shale formation on land that it controls in western Pennsylvania has shown promising results.  National Fuel Gas owns Seneca Resources which is drilling in PA

    Seneca said the first well that it drilled into the Geneseo Shale produced as much as 14.1 million cubic feet of gas per day, at its peak, and averaged 8.6 million cubic feet per day during its first 30 days of production. The Geneseo Shale is a layer located above the Marcellus Shale, the geographic formation that has attracted most of the attention from drillers during the first few years of the shale gas boom.

    While the Geneseo Shale is generally thinner than the Marcellus and varies in thickness by location, according to geologists at Penn State University, it has been targeted as holding potential for drillers as another possible source of significant quantities of natural gas, beyond the Marcellus Shale and the Utica Shale, which is even deeper below the surface than the Marcellus.

    Ronald J. Tanski, National Fuel’s president and CEO, said the company was pleased with the results from its initial Geneseo Shale well, which is located in Lycoming County, Pa., and plans to drill additional wells into the formation before the end of summer to further explore its potential.

    “Both the Utica and Geneseo shales look to hold significant long-term development potential,” Tanski said.

    In comparison, National Fuel last fall began production on six new Marcellus wells in Lycoming County that had a peak 24-hour production rate averaging 15.6 million cubic feet of gas per day, about 10 percent more than the peak production on the Geneseo Shale well.

    National Fuel controls about 780,000 acres of land across the Marcellus Shale region in Pennsylvania, where it has the rights to drill. So far, most of its activity has been centered on land it leases on the eastern portion of its holdings, but the company also has been drilling a handful of wells on its western acreage.
  • Antero will supply Braskem’s cracker plant.  Antero Resources announced Wednesday it would supply nearly half of the ethane needed to support the proposed petrochemical complex in Wood County known as project Ascent -- Appalachian Shale Cracker Enterprise.
  • Antero will supply 30,000 barrels per day of ethane under the tentative agreement. The agreement is contingent on project Ascent moving forward after a multi-year feasibility study.
  • It’s official Halcon on hold.  Halcon Resources Corp has announced that it will wait and watch out for the results from Ohio’s Utica shale and take up a decision to carry on further drilling in the region. According to company’s Chairman and CEO, Floyd C. Wilson, the production results were not up to the expectations and Utica’s output is not considered in the current year’s production outcome.

    While Halcon is placing its Utica Shale operation on hold, it is moving forward in PA.  This past week it was awarded two permits in Venango County, PA.
  • CONSOL makes big commitment to WV.  CONSOL Energy Inc. plans to invest $14 billion to build out its Marcellus acreage in West Virginia over the next 10 years.  

    The 2014 gas production range is 210 to 225 billions of cubic feet equivalent. Approximately 7 to 8 percent is expected to be liquids or condensates. For 2015 and 2016, the company expects 30 percent annual gas production.
  • Falcon adding more rigs.  Falcon Drilling Company, LLC announced today that it has purchased three new drilling rigs, adding Marcellus horizontal and Utica top-hole capacity to the existing Falcon fleet.

    The three 250 ton MD Cowan Super Singles, which have been drilling Marcellus horizontal wells in northeast Pennsylvania, are mechanical singles capable of drilling multiple shale formations including the Marcellus, Fayetteville, West Texas and Barnett shale plays, along with niche work in the Utica and Eagle Ford shale.

    According to Falcon Drilling President, Dan Donahue, Falcon is committed to helping customers solve their drilling challenges. This purchase is the next step on the road to bringing solutions to the Appalachian drilling market.
  • Noble betting big in the Marcellus and Niobrara.  Houston-based Noble Energy plans to spend up to $20 billion during the next five years in the Niobrara and Marcellus shale plays, CFO Ken Fisher told an energy meeting in Houston hosted by Baker Hostetler on Monday night.
  • Baker Hughes rig data is under reporting.  We applaud and appreciate the work that Baker Hughes has done in providing weekly reports of rigs in the major shale plays in the U.S.  It does not report rigs drilling in the Devonian and Geneseo which at the current time may not meet a threshold for Baker Hughes reporting.  As you can see in the newsletter this week, Seneca is drilling in the Geneseo.  In past newsletters, we reported E&P companies drilling in the Devonian.  Subsequently, there may be a few more rigs drilling in PA than are reported.

Rig Count

  • Baker Hughes Rigs count for the March 21 reporting week.
    • PA Marcellus 55 rigs – up 2
    • PA Utica 1 rigs – unchanged    
    • Ohio Utica 39 – down 2 
    • WV Marcellus 23 – down 2

PA Permits for March 20 to March 27, 2014

       County                 Township                   E&P Company
1.    Beaver                  Marion                        PennEnergy
2.    Beaver                  Marion                        PennEnergy
3.    Bradford               Herrick                        Southwestern
4.    Bradford               Herrick                        Southwestern
5.    Bradford               Herrick                        Southwestern
6.    Bradford               Herrick                        Southwestern
7.    Bradford               Herrick                        Southwestern
8.    Bradford               Herrick                        Southwestern
9.    Bradford               Herrick                        Southwestern
10.    Bradford             Overton                      Chesapeake
11.    Bradford             Towanda                     Chesapeake
12.    Bradford             Towanda                     Chesapeake
13.    Bradford             Tuscarora                    Chesapeake
14.    Bradford             Tuscarora                    Chesapeake
15.    Butler                 Connoquenessing       XTO
16.    Butler                 Connoquenessing       XTO
17.    Butler                 Connoquenessing       XTO
18.    Butler                 Connoquenessing       XTO
19.    Butler                 Connoquenessing       XTO
20.    Butler                 Connoquenessing       XTO
21.    Butler                 Connoquenessing       XTO
22.    Butler                 Connoquenessing       XTO
23.    Butler                 Center                        Shell
24.    Cameron            Shippen                      Seneca
25.    Greene               Center                        Vantage Energy
26.    Greene               Center                        Vantage Energy
27.    Greene               Center                        Vantage Energy
28.    Potter                West Branch                Ultra    
29.    Susquehanna    New Milford                 Southwestern
30.    Susquehanna    New Milford                 Southwestern
31.    Susquehanna    New Milford                 Southwestern
32.    Venango            French Creek               Halcon
33.    Venango            French Creek               Halcon
34.    Washington       Somerset                     Rice

OH Permits – week ending March 22, 2014

       County                  Township             E&P Companies

1.    Carroll                   Augusta                Chesapeake
2.    Carroll                   Augusta                Chesapeake
3.    Guernsey              Millwood                Eclipse
4.    Guernsey              Millwood                Eclipse
5.    Guernsey              Millwood                Eclipse
6.    Guernsey              Millwood                Eclipse
7.    Guernsey              Millwood                Eclipse
8.    Guernsey              Millwood                Eclipse
9.    Guernsey              Millwood                Eclipse
10.    Guernsey            Millwood                Eclipse
11.    Harrison             Moorefield              Amer. Energy Utica
12.    Harrison             Moorefield              Amer. Energy Utica
13.    Harrison             Moorefield              Amer. Energy Utica
14.    Harrison             Moorefield              Amer. Energy Utica
15.    Harrison             Moorefield              Amer. Energy Utica
16.    Harrison            Cadiz                      Hess
17.    Noble                Seneca                   Antero
18.    Noble                Seneca                   Antero
19.    Noble                Stock                      Eclipse
20.    Noble                Marion                   Antero
21.    Noble                Marion                   Antero

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