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Flame Resistant Clothing

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Cintas FRC   Cintas FRC   Safety Program

Cintas is the largest provider of managed flame resistant clothing (FRC) programs.  Over half a million wearers get Ready for the Workday® with FRC from Cintas- making Cintas the most trusted source to equip companies with FRC apparel in North America.  With our professional commitment and diverse options, Cintas offers FRC products from manufacturers who engineer them to be more durable, more comfortable and lighter than any other garments of their type.

Cintas understands OSHA regulations and concerns that protecting workers’ health and safety on the job ensures that oil and gas opportunities will continue to grow and thrive. OSHA has proven over the past 40 years that businesses can thrive while at the same time provide a safe work environment. Cintas works with employers, unions, academia and private safety and health organizations to educate through enhancements of FRC protection.

Seven Questions You Need to Ask Before Implementing a Flame Resistant Clothing Program

Cintas strives to promote safety and compliance by providing certified FRC and safety equipment to the oil and gas industry. Cintas managed programs provide complete care, enhanced care, direct purchase or a combination of these options as an affordable way to help keep your employees safe and compliant.

Click Here for OSHA information on Flame Resistant Clothing.

Flame Resistant Clothing

Benefits of a Cintas-Managed FRC Program

Proper Laundering:

  • Cintas cleans garments according to manufacturer specifications using proper detergents and temperatures

Regular Inspection:

  • Routine inspections performed to monitor for defects or wear, and replaced as needed

Properly Repaired:

  • Garments are repaired using FR thread, ensuring the integrity of protective properties

Over 10,000 units of reflective shirts, pants and coveralls in stock.

Cintas FRC

Cintas FRC

First Aid & Safety Products and Training

Benefits of a Cintas First Aid & Safety Program


  • Head-to-toe protection delivered and managed for you, including:
    • Foam lining safety glasses, earplugs and earmuffs, metacarpal gloves, FR harness and gas monitors

First Aid:

  • First aid cabinets and kits with products to help minor to severe injuries
  • Training & Compliance:
    • Online courses and compliance tracking for your
  • Employees, including:
    • HazCom, Confined Space, First Aid & CPR, Electrical Safety, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation, and Fall Protection

AEDs & Emergency:

  • Products and services to ensure preparedness for any medical emergency
    • Grab-N-Run Quick Response Kits, AEDs and Emergency Oxygen

Cintas Carhartt FR E-Vis Coverall

Cintas Carhartt FR E-Vis Shirt

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Carhartt Flame Resistant Clothing from Cintas


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Cintas FRC

Let Cintas help you develop a Safety program that keeps your company compliant and your workers safe!

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